10 Things Every Child Needs

1. Interaction
A child’s brain develops based on his or her experiences. The more interactions a child has, the healthier development will be.

2. Physical Affection

Physical affection communicates love which leads to positive emotional growth.

3. Stable Relationship
Children who have a stable relationship with at least one caregiver learn at a faster pace, feel better about themselves, and make friends more easily.

4. A Safe, Healthy Home

A safe and healthy home environment allows you to maximize your child’s growth with minimal risk.​

5. Strong Self-Esteem

​A strong sense of self is the foundation for healthy development.

6. Conversation

Communicating with your child/children not only shows love, but also encourages the development of his or her speech patterns.

7. Music

​Music offers children an outlet for expression and stimulates brain development in specific areas including language and reasoning.

8. Reading as a Priority

​Reading with children demonstrates a love for books and learning.  It is a wonderful way for parents/caregivers and children to spend quality time together.

9. Play

Playing provides children with an outlet for imagination and creativity and fosters healthy brain development.​

10. Quality Child Care
Childcare settings can be a primary learning environment for children. The quality of the child care setting is very important.

Iredell County Partnership for Young Children/Smart Start:

NC Pre-K is North Carolina’s state funded pre-kindergarten program for four-year-olds that promotes school readiness. Children may be eligible for the free NC Pre-K program if they will be four-years-old by August 31st for the upcoming school year, meet income eligibility requirements and reside in Iredell County. 

Together Time is a weekly community-based playgroup available to families with children birth to age five who reside in Iredell County. ​​

*Many other resources are available through ICPYC.*​

 The Iredell County Health Department can provide child and maternal health, immunization, dental, and WIC services. 

 I-CARE, Inc. Head Start is one of the largest early childhood education programs in Iredell and Catawba Counties. The program has established quality educational environments with a proven track record of serving low-income families. Unlike many traditional child care and other early education programs, Head Start focuses on preparing children for school by working to develop each child’s social and learning skills.