Our Mission

Building hope for children and families through education, counseling and intervention programs to Stop Child Abuse Now.

 "Everyone else just saw me as an addict. You saw me as someone who needed help."


Our Logo

SCAN's logo truly symbolizes our mission - a heart representing the child and the circles representing the protection and healing available through our programs and classes.

The logo is also a powerful symbol of the many circles of support our community gives SCAN and the families we serve.


How Do We Help?

  • In 2018 thirty-eight families received Parent Aide services. This weekly, in-home education provides provides support at no cost to the parent(s).

  • Twenty-four families were involved in Coaching to Permanence visits with the goal of reunifying children with their parent(s).

  • Family Connections supervised 290 non-custodial parent's visits in 2018. These visits were monitored by trained personnel in a safe environment.

  • Parenting Classes had 227 participants participate in learning communication, child development, stress management, problem-solving and more. SCAN provides both formal (14 week) classes and informal classes (at homeless shelters, battered women's shelters and the women's jail).

  • Our new support group for Foster-Adoptive Parents involved eleven individuals and their children, both biological and foster children.


SCAN uses the following evidence-based programs:

  • Parent Aide program
  • Nurturing Parenting
  • Triple P Parenting

Other programs utilized by SCAN:

  • Love and Logic
  • Your Journey Together
  • FLIP It!
  • Darkness to Light (For training on child sexual abuse, contact Amy Eisele at ​704-878-2227.)​