Success Stories


SCAN is the ONLY child abuse prevention and resource center resource for families and parents in Iredell County. SCAN provides long-term support for children and parents through Parent Aide program- the only one of its kind in Iredell County. Check out the stories, videos, and articles below to get to know more about SCAN and the families we serve.


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Diane, Family Connections Program

Diane lost custody of her child, but thanks to SCAN's supervised visitation program, her child doesn't have to lose all contact with his mother. During these visits, Diane and her child were able to heal their bond, and trained professionals were able to provide in-the-moment coaching to ensure future time together is healthier and more positive. The ultimate goal was met - a healed family, where parent and child can increase time together and move toward independence.

Chloe, Parenting Classes

Chloe, a single mother of four, whose children were in foster care, smiled broadly as she finished her last session. "The class helped me a lot," she shared, then added proudly, "My kids are coming home tomorrow!"

The programs SCAN provides work - as many healthier and happier families who have completed the process will tell you. 

"Now I know I can be a better Mommy, because you gave me the courage!"